11/2017 - Version 4.5.2
02/2017 - Version 4.5.1
12/2015 - Version 4.5.0
10/2014 - Version 4.4.1
01/2013 - Version 4.4.0
06/2011 - Web Site Update
02/2011 - Version 4.3.1
01/2011 - Version 4.3.0
06/2010 - Version 4.2.1
12/2009 - Version 4.2.0
01/2008 - Version 4.1.1
10/2007 - Using "testplc" for basic communications testing
08/2007 - Replacing A-B INTERCHANGE with PLCIO
08/2007 - Determining array size in a ControlLogix PLC
New PLCIO Version 4.4.1 Released

Version 4.4.1 of the PLCIO communications software is now available. This release introduces several feature enhancements listed below.

Important Changes:

  • The CIP Path= parameter now supports aliases for port names (such as Backplane, A, and B) and IP Addresses for use when routing packets to a secondary Logix rack through EtherNet/IP.
  • A long standing bug in the "cip" module has been fixed, where if a Path= parameter larger than 2 arguments is used, then a plc_write() with a length of about 470 bytes or higher would fail because the message packet was too long.
  • A new option is available to the "enipd" and "plciod" daemons to specify the maximum size of the logfile. This is useful for embedded systems with low available disk space.
  • Two new operation codes are available: PLC_RLONGINT and PLC_WLONGINT. These are used for reading or writing to Long Integer files containing 4-byte elements. This is supported for both PLC-5 and SLC500 messaging types.
  • The "enip" module can now receive PLC-5 Word Range Read/Write messages from ControlLogix.
  • And many other bug fixes.

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