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> PLCIO was designed with
a "soft-point" configurable table, giving the application layer a level of indirection between physical PLC addresses (such as "N21:45") and soft purpose-built names (such as "Production Count").
Custom Delevopment
PLCIO is an Application Program Interface (API) library you can use to develop an effective interface to a PLC without having expert knowledge of communication specifics. It utilizes technologies developed by CTI to provide a unified format for communication between Linux/Unix-based applications and PLCs from various PLC manufacturers.
With PLCIO you can send calls to PLCs using meaningful names, without regard to whether they are directly or remotely linked. PLCIO also provides data translation from computer internal format to PLC internal format (and vise versa) to make the application program independent of the computer platform and PLC.
Given our long experience in factory floor automation and communications, CTI is often asked about custom development projects, including:
  • Specific communication enhancements to PLCIO, normally to support newly available hardware or communications needs
  • Support custom communications for a specific custom protocol
  • General application engineering utilizing PLCIO to gather/process/store/analyze PLC production data

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