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Release Notes
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PLCIO 4.3 Release Notes

Release Highlights

New ABDF1 Module:

Serial communication to Allen-Bradley PLC-5 and SLC 5/00 series PLCs has returned to PLCIO with the "abdf1" module. This module supports the full-duplex mode of the DF1 protocol, with both BCC and CRC checksum capability. This module can be coupled with the `plciod' daemon to allow several PLCIO applications to share a single serial port, with the option for each application to target a different PLC node on the DF1 network.

Other Enhancements

- The "step7" module has been enhanced to support Siemens S7-200 series PLCs as well as Rack selection on the S7-300 and -400 series systems.

- The ./configure script now allows you to specify your own compiler flags. This is useful for compiling a 32-bit library on an otherwise 64-bit system, and vice versa.

- Modules pertaining to Allen-Bradley PLC-5 and SLC 5/00 PLCs now have improved string support. "ST" files are now writable, and "A" files can now be read and written using the new PLC_RCHAR and PLC_WCHAR operation codes. Furthermore, reading "ST" files on a SLC 5/00 will now return strings in the correct byte-order. Applications using this feature should be changed to no longer manually perform byte-order conversions.

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