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Release Notes
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PLCIO 4.4 Release Notes

Release Highlights

New Omron PLC Support:

This release introduces support for Omron CS/CJ-series PLCs using the 'fins' PLCIO module. The new module can communicate to the PLC using FINS over the TCP, UDP, or EtherNet/IP protocols. All types of memory and I/O files can be read or written to directly. The 'fins' module can also download the symbol table from either the PLC's Memory Card, the EM file, or Comment memory, and use that as a lookup table to translate tag names to memory addresses during runtime.

Streaming I/O Slave Support:

PLCIO now has the ability to communicate to an Allen-Bradley Logix-series PLC using the implicit messaging version of the EtherNet/IP protocol. The new 'cipioslv' module allows the PLCIO application to appear to the PLC like an I/O bus coupler. It can read and write data similar to the normal Streaming I/O mode, however when the application is first started, it sits idly in the background (as a slave), waiting until the PLC (master) makes the connection.

Being a direct complement to the 'cipio' module, two PLCIO applications can now communicate to each other over implicit messaging by using both the 'cipio' and 'cipioslv' modules together.

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