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Release Notes
PLCIO V4.5 (2015) PLCIO V4.4 (2013) PLCIO V4.3 (2011) PLCIO V4.2 (2009) PLCIO V4.1 (2007) PLCIO V4.0 (2005)

PLCIO 4.5 Release Notes

New Features

Operating System Support:

This release of PLCIO adds support for compiling on two new operating systems: IBM AIX version 7 and FreeBSD version 10. The Makefile has been rewritten to handle compiling for different build environments, including but not limited to: GNU GCC, Clang, IBM's XL C compiler, and HP's aCC compiler.

Serial Multiplexer Capability:

PLCIO now has the ability to connect directly to several independent devices or PLC's that are sharing the same serial bus. The PLCIO library now keeps track of the serial ports that are open, allowing plc_open() calls on the same port multiple times (in the same process) but with different remote node numbers in each open call. 'plciod' is no longer required to act as the middleman to share a single serial port.

New Modules

New Omron Host Link Support:

This release introduces support for the Omron Host Link protocol using the 'hostlink' module. This allows PLCIO to communicate to an Omron PLC over a serial interface using standard C-mode commands. In addition, PLCIO can optionally send FINS commands over Host Link, which allows you to access tag names and extended address ranges over the serial bus as long as support is available on the PLC.

Modbus RTU Returns:

Support has returned for the Modbus RTU serial protocol using the 'modrtu' module. This new module completes the set of PLC's that were missing support since version 4.0 of the PLCIO series was introduced.

Other Enhancements

- On UNIX, the close-on-exec flag is now set on all file descriptors opened from within plc_open(). This fixes a problem where child processes spawned by the PLCIO application were keeping opened copies of file descriptors connected to the remote PLC's, even after plc_close() was being called by the parent process.

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