Did You Know?      
PLCIO performs automatic byte-order conversions when reading/writing words or data structures between a PLC and host computer with different endianness.
How to Purchase
Purchasing PLCIO is a simple, four-step process:
  1. View our NDA here, which can be accepted online with a credit card or faxed in for PO or Wire Transfer purchases.
  2. Order PLCIO (typically a starter kit)
  3. Once the NDA and order have been received, shipping will take place within a couple of business days.
    The software can also be emailed as a gzip tar file upon payment acceptance.
  4. Software is shipped with CTI's signed NDA, official license, and CD media
We distribute PLCIO as source code only. CTI has invested a significant engineering effort to make PLCIO as easy to use as possible. The solutions in the source code cannot be made public.
Pricing and SKU
Item SKU Price and Description
Starter Kit PLCIO-KIT $1795 (Includes 1 PLCIO Developer License and 1 PLCIO Runtime License)
One year additional support (access to support and new releases) PLCIO-SUP $270
Additional PLCIO CPU Runtime Licenses PLCIO-RTL $595 (For quantities of 5 or more, please call for pricing)
PLCIO Developer License PLCIO-DEV $1200 / User – Gives named user 1 year of technical support

For information on licensing please see our Warranty and Licensing page.
Our NDA is available to you in convenient PDF format. It is available for download here.
Payment Options
Use our secure Credit Card Processing site, or call CTI at +1-330-644-3059 for Purchase Order or Wire Transfer options.
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